Right here 婚禮顧問waitinghttp://down.iloveschool.co.kr/file/20054/2005.11.02/218[1910].wma Right婚禮佈置 here waiting Richard MarxOceans apart day after dayAnd I slowly go insaneI hear 會場佈置your voice on the lineBut it doesn't stop the painIf I see you next to 開幕活動neverHow can we say foreverWherever you goWhatever you doI will be right here 澎湖民宿waiting for youWhatever it takesOr how my heart breaksI will be right here waiting 情趣用品for youI took for granted all the timesThat I thought would last somehowI hear the 澎湖民宿laughter, I taste the tearsBut I can't get near you nowOh, can't you see 花蓮民宿it babyYou've got me going crazyI wonder how we can survivethis romanceBut in 看房子the end if I'm with youI'll take the chance

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